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Artist Bio for Porcelain

Unlike many artists Julie had no interest in art until after she graduated from studies, and was in her 20’s. Her first introduction to art was with porcelain.

Julie has a very inquiring mind, she wants to know not only about porcelain painting, but everything about porcelain, and that was the beginning of a fascinating learning journey into all things to do with clay.

The lure of drawing and painting the traditional way emerged and she enrolled in the Balmoral Arts Academy and for four years explored oil painting, figure drawing, sculpture incorporating many subjects in various mediums.  She finished her studies, achieving Honours, and is now applying her newfound knowledge.

She continued to explore all the avenues of porcelain painting, before moving into pouring, carving, moulding and glazing.

Her designs are bright and different and not necessarily traditional. She continues to experiment with different products on porcelain and has recently discovered the ancient technique of “Black firing” and porcelain on porcelain sculpting.
Julie exhibits her work at various shows and exhibitions where she has won many prizes including at the RNA, as well as selling her works at the 1842 Gallery in Launceston Tasmania and the Art and Soul Cafe in Boonah.  Over the years she has travelled to many countries and is incorporating these experiences together with local experiences into her work.

Julie’s work is wide ranging and uses a variety of mediums and techniques, she cannot help experimenting and pushing the boundaries and loves to try new things.

Whereas many of us confine ourselves to one main field of art, Julie just wants to do them all. Besides her busy schedule of painting, she teaches art, and has many exhibitions.

She is involved with various organizations including, Flying Arts, Australian Porcelain Art Teachers, the Ipswich Art Society, Queensland Porcelain Artists Inc, and Arts Connect Ipswich.


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