julie-maddocks artist profile

Julie Maddocks Artist Philosophy

I was introduced to art in the form of china painting in 1982, I only started exploring other art forms in the late 1990’s and continued to explore different forms of art as a hobbyist, while raising my family. I soon realized that “experimentation and exploring the boundaries of different art forms” would become the philosophy for my art practice.

I completed painting and drawing studies at the Arts Academy Brisbane and at the same time moved from painting on porcelain to pouring, carving, molding and glazing. I then started to experiment, applying different products to porcelain.

Tell stories with art either as collaged images or as stand-alone traditional pieces, taking the viewer on a journey of reflection or inspiration to see the beauty in the every day. I use whatever style or medium to suit the subject from traditional depictions to contemporary images.

Pelicans – Framed Mixed Media Acrylic

“Art with a passion” is how I approach my work.

Working with porcelain, paint, drawing mediums, glass (both hot glass and lead light), found objects and, whatever else is suited to the piece, as well as incorporating my knowledge of craft to complete projects. It is important for the viewer to become involved and to experience the beauty.

I enter many competitions and exhibitions, and my work is found in private collections throughout Australia and overseas. My work is currently exhibited in Julesart gallery as well as Australis Art Gallery in Kuranda near Cairns.

Gallah Love - Framed Acrylic on Paper
Gallah Love – Framed Acrylic on Paper
Below Sea Level - Framed Acrylic on PaperFramed Acrylic on Paper
Below Sea Level – Framed Acrylic on Paper